Service & Maintenance


Fast Track Automatic Doors is an established company in the repair, maintenance, and installation of residential, industrial, and commercial products. We have found from our experience that we are able to restore products to satisfactory working order, regardless of age or condition.


From large scale architectural projects to small scale and individual shop fronts and single automatic doors, we offer all our customers a comprehensive service with bespoke solutions using attractive, state of the art door operators…


We ensure the longevity of the equipment but also maximize efficiency & safety levels to give you total peace of mind. An annual maintenance program will also help to ensure that you meet your legal obligations to employees & customers.


 Our fully qualified engineers are on hand to deal with broken parts, a break-in, accidental or malicious damage, electrical failure, flood damage, and other repairs with the best equipment handled by our engineers.


Service Features

Fast Track provides a service clock for emergency repairs. A fully equipped and experienced team can attend any time to secure solving the problems. Equipment and parts are available to service virtually any residential, industrial, and commercial products at any point in time.

Exceptional attention to customer needs.
Warranties on all new products.
Affordable service.
Domestic & Commercial Service.

Maintenance in Fast Track

Fast Track also offers an excellent after-sales service for all our products (Planned Maintenance Program/Annual Maintenance Contract). Features and services with the planned maintenance program, you receive a full range of service treatment by trained experts, which means trouble-free operation. Inspection of all parts, fasteners, welds, and overall operation of the equipment are carefully examined and evaluated. Cleaning of all moving parts to ensure a result of normal operation is performed on the equipment.

In addition, this procedure also includes a cleaning of the surrounding area to promote safety and to remove any outside interference. Our service professionals regularly adjust equipment as started in the manufactures manual to maintain the proper working conditions and validate the warranty.

Final Inspection after a final review of the entire operation of equipment an accurate service representative makes recommendations and notes the required parts. Parts / Extra works while a planned maintenance program may extend the quality and duration of your equipment, it cannot guarantee un extending life to any product. Eventually, parts reach the end of their functional life and require replacement. Upon the customer’s authorization, the necessary parts will be replaced with additional charges.


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